making music is for everyone


Jamsy let´s you build songs with any chords you want. Set up your verses and choruses, and jam on top of it. With the great technology we´ve called Guided WorkflowTM  you get assistance in choosing the right notes to fit with the chords you´ve chosen. So you do not need to know much about music at all. Jamsy will help you learn, and it will sound awesome from the get-go!


Everyone is a musician, go play!


The future of jamsy


We want Jamsy to be the best that it can be. We are continually working on it to give you the greatest version possible. All feedback is wonderful, so let us know what you like or what features you would like to see, and we will work to make it better with your help.

Features we are currently working and will be rolling out shortly:

- Another musical preset in addition to the 80´s style
- Dowloadable packages of additional chords to choose from



Need some help? Got some brilliant idea for the app? Have any complaints or compliments? We love feedback, so get in touch!

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Jamsy is made by Höylytt, a music technology company from Stavanger, Norway. Visit Höylytt.com to read more, and to see what we´re up to. And please join our newsletter for updates and inspiration!